Hong Kong Championship 2023 information
Hong Kong Championship 2023 is approved by an international organization World Cube Association (WCA), and all the records in the competition will become the official records of WCA.

**The whole competition will follow the WCA regulations, and you may find these regulations on the WCA official website.
WCA Regulation Website
Oct 21, 2023 - Oct 22, 2023 (Sat/Sun)
8:00 - 19:30 (Sat)
8:00 - 19:45 (Sun)
St. Francis Xavier's College - 4/F Hall
(45 Sycamore Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon)
St. Francis Xavier's College Website
WCA Delegate:
Chan Tak Chuen
WCA competition official website:
WCA Hong Kong Championship 2023 Website
Live result announced website:
WCA result announced website
Registration Fee:
The based registration fee is 350HKD, and the total registration fee is based on the events registered. Please check on the detailed fee information in the registration page.

Number of participants:
This competition will have a limit on number of 180 participants, and first come-first serve system will be used (Based on received time for the information)
Registration method:
All participants may register through the competition web, and a confirmation email will be sent to all participants before competition whatever the registration is successful or not.
Registration period:
From Sep 22, 2023 (08:00 pm) to Oct 1, 2023 (08:00 pm)
Competition sponsorship:
For becoming the helper of the competition, designing the competition related items, or sponsoring the competition, please send an email to the following addresses with the title of  ”Hong Kong Championship 2023 Affair”.