Registration (報名)

Hong Kong Spring Cube Day 2015 Registration Form

(Hong Kong Spring Cube Day 2015 報名表格)

**You must fill in all these information in the form by using English (Except Full name in Chinese). If any information is missing or wrong, your registration will not be accepted.

1. Name (名字) :
a. Full name in English (英文全名)
[In format of (填寫格式): Chan Tai Man or Peter Chan Tai Man]

b. Full name in Chinese (中文全名)
[In format of (填寫格式): 陳大文]
[Please enter N/A if you have no Chinese name (如果沒有中文名字,可於此項填寫N/A)]

2. Country (國籍):

3. Date of birth (出生日期):
[In format of (填寫格式): YYYY-MM-DD]

4. Gender (性別):

5. Contact information (聯絡方法):
a. Tel (電話):
[For overseas participate, you may enter N/A in this item (海外的參賽者,可於此項填寫N/A)]

b. Email (電郵):

6. Events (項目):
[You can choose more than one event (可選擇多於一項)]
[Please notice on the registration fee for each event (請留意每個項目的參賽費用)]
Based registration fee (基礎參賽費用): 40HKD (港幣/元)
2x2x2 Cube (速擰)  - 15HKD (港幣/元)
Rubik's Cube (速擰)  - 20HKD (港幣/元)
4x4x4 Cube (速擰)  - 25HKD (港幣/元)
5x5x5 Cube (速擰)  - 30HKD (港幣/元)
6x6x6 Cube (速擰)  - 35HKD (港幣/元)
7x7x7 Cube (速擰)  - 35HKD (港幣/元)
Rubik's Cube One-Handed (單手)  - 20HKD (港幣/元)
Pyraminx (金字塔)  - 20HKD (港幣/元)
Rubik's Clock (魔錶)  - 30HKD (港幣/元)
Skewb (斜轉魔方)  - 20HKD (港幣/元)
Total registration fee (總參賽費用): HKD (港幣/元)

7. Taking part in other WCA competitions before

Yes No

If yes, please provide your WCA ID, for example 2007CHUE01
(如果曾參加過WCA官方的比賽,請填寫有關的WCA ID, 例如2007CHUE01)

* * * How to find my WCA ID? 如何尋找我的 WCA ID? * * *

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